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Quick Guide

Draped along Africa’s Indian Ocean coastline from South Africa up to Tanzania is magical Mozambique. Vilanculos is a small, vibrant, coastal town 700 kilometres from the Mozambique capital, Maputo. It boasts a new international airport and is the gateway to the Bazaruto Archipelagos, idyllic offshore islands that make up a string of jewels in the Indian Ocean.

Vilanculos is a piece of paradise with dazzling powder-white beaches, coconut palms, crystal blue waters, superb all-year round temperate climate and is the perfect hideaway for a holiday that offers a perfect mix of relaxation and adventure. There is a wide variety of accommodation anywhere from camping and backpackers to sublime luxury hotels and private, self-catering homes. Dining out is a pleasure as there are a handful of excelled restaurants offering the freshest sea food among other delights and specialities in Portuguese fair. For those who prefer self-catering, the local markets and fishermen have all that is necessary to do your own thing. Plus there are small supermarkets for all your little necessities. Adventure comes in so many forms – best marlin fishing in the world, snorkelling, boating, diving, kite surfing and just good old swimming.

Dhow sailboat trips and motorboat trips are offered by many to fulfil your adrenalin rush or provide the amazing opportunity of swimming with dolphins or sea turtles. The people are friendly and in no time at all, you would have made life-long friends. Vilanculos is just pure bliss! Indulge yourself!

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  • Vilanculos Private Chalet-673611

    Vilanculos Private Chalet

    Accommodation > Self-catering
    This private chalet, with sea views overlooking the Bazaruto Archipelago, is situated approximately 12 km north from the town of Vilanculos, just 300 m from the beach. The unit consists of two bedrooms, a bathroom with shower, dining room and kitchen, as well as a loft area. ... More »
    User Rating

    • From 370.00 Rooms/Units
  • Casa Chibububo Lodge-468364

    Casa Chibububo Lodge

    Accommodation > Lodge,Self-catering
    Casa Chibububo Lodge, with its modern décor and unique style, comprises wooden houses offering breathtaking views of Bazaruto Island. A paradise for the fisherman. A paradise for the diver. A paradise for the whole family to enjoy. ... More »
    User Rating

    • From 1500.00 Rooms/Units
  • Dona Soraya Lodge-1324030

    Dona Soraya Lodge

    Accommodation > Resort
    Dona Soraya Lodge is situated on South Beach of Vilanculos, overlooking the spectacular Indian Ocean and out to the Bazaruto Island on the horizon. ... More »
    User Rating

    • From 470.00 p/p sharing
      From 500.00 Rooms/Units
      From 680.00 Single
  • Casa Rex-128184

    Casa Rex

    Accommodation > Hotel
    Overlooking the southern-central section of Vilanculos Bay, Casa Rex offers a tranquil escape from everyday life. The 15 sea-facing rooms are enclosed in lush gardens that lead the way to the crystal-clear Indian Ocean. ... More »
    User Rating

    • From 1669.28 p/p sharing
      From 5425.16 Rooms/Units
      From 2086.60 Single
  • Villas do Indico-1175081

    Villas do Indico

    Accommodation > Resort
    Located 10 km north of Vilanculo village, Villas do Indico is nestled on the white sands of Bazaruto Archipelago, a protected marine park. With exclusive facilities of 10 Deluxe Suites, three Expedition Bungalows and 10 Overland Camping Spots, we provide a personalized service which with a blend of modern comfort and traditional Mozambique hospitality. ... More »
    User Rating

    • From 208.66 p/p sharing
      From 208.66 Single
  • Beach Chalets-760011

    Beach Chalets

    Accommodation > Lodge,Self-catering
    Beach Chalets offers self-catering chalets situated on the beach with sea and garden views in Vilanculos, the gateway to the Bazaruto Archipelago, the largest sea park in Southern Africa. ... More »
    User Rating

    • From 130.00 p/p sharing
      From 1000.00 Rooms/Units
      From 130.00 Single
  • Varanda Restaurant and Accommodation-916121

    Varanda Restaurant and Accommodation

    Accommodation > Hotel
    Varanda Restaurant and Accommodation is situated right on the beach, with beautiful views of the Archipelago Bazaruto. Enjoy a leisurely stroll along the white, sandy beaches or take a look at the local arts and crafts. ... More »
    User Rating

    • From 1500.00 Rooms/Units
  • Island View Vilanculos-633049

    Island View Vilanculos

    Accommodation > Self-catering
    This resort is enjoyed by those who want to get away from it all, switch off and relax in peace and quiet in beautiful unspoilt nature. No traffic, few people, 700 km north of Maputo and well worth the drive on excellent tar roads to Vilankulo. ... More »
    User Rating

    • From 1800.00 Rooms/Units
  • Vila Do Paraiso-487045

    Vila Do Paraiso

    Accommodation > Self-catering
    Vilanculos in Mozambique is nestled along the coastline of the warm clear blue waters of the Indian Ocean. After just a two-hour flight from Johannesburg, you can find yourself walking along beautiful, white sandy beaches with palm trees swaying gently in the warm sunny breeze. ... More »
    User Rating

    • From 4868.73 Rooms/Units
  • CasaCabana Beach-456479

    CasaCabana Beach

    Accommodation > Self-catering
    CasaCabana Beach is a small, very private lodge situated within crawling distance of the beach. We offer three types of accommodation; the Luxury Cabanas include a self-catering kitchen on the wooden deck, air-conditioning and a full selection of DStv channels. ... More »
    User Rating

    • From 1500.00 Rooms/Units
  • Bahia Mar-1828985

    Bahia Mar

    Accommodation > Self-catering
    Bahia Mar is the ideal destination for visitors wanting to explore the Bazaruto Archipelago in Mozambique. This resort has the warm waters if the Indian Ocean and the palm fringed beaches of Vilanculos. ... More »
    User Rating

    • From 3199.45 Rooms/Units
  • Deacra Villas & Houses-1167528

    Deacra Villas & Houses

    Accommodation > Self-catering
    Deacra Villas and Bungalows are set in beautiful indigenous bushland, just 5km from Vilanculos town centre. This sea front, private property offers a choice of either your own architect-designed villa, built on four levels with spectacular ocean views, or a spacious family bungalow. ... More »
    Not Rated

    • From 3338.56 Rooms/Units
  • Casa De Lua-994825

    Casa De Lua

    Accommodation > Self-catering
    Off Road Adventures Self-catering Lodges are proud to announce that we have just added Casa de Lua to our portfolio - a stunning resort of self-catering villas set on the tranquil white sands of Vilanculos Beach. ... More »
    User Rating

    • From 2500.00 Rooms/Units
  • Golden Sands Apartments-1167526

    Golden Sands Apartments

    Accommodation > Self-catering
    Golden Sands comprises two stunning apartments; one on the ground floor and one on the upper level. Each air-conditioned unit has two en-suite bedrooms and a spacious open-plan living area. ... More »
    Not Rated

    • From 3616.77 Rooms/Units
  • Pescador-307049


    Accommodation > Hotel
    Overlooking The Bazaruto Archipelago, Pescador Hotel offers exclusive accommodation and fine dining in the vibrant coastal town of Vilanculos. All rooms feature en-suite bathrooms and air-conditioning, and there is also a salt water swimming pool and upstairs deck with sea views. ... More »
    User Rating

    • From 799.00 p/p sharing
      From 799.00 Single
  • Dolphin Dhow Accommodation-724984

    Dolphin Dhow Accommodation

    Accommodation > Self-catering
    Dolphin Dhow Accommodation is situated right on the beach in the lovely Vilanculos and offers guests beautiful views of the ocean. The lodge is situated within walking distance of the lovely beach where guests can relax and soak up the sun or cool off in the cool water. Various water sports like sea kayaking, windsurfing, snorkelling and fishing can also be enjoyed. ... More »
    Not Rated

    • From 1000.00 Rooms/Units
  • Baobab Beach-1519036

    Baobab Beach

    Accommodation > Lodge
    Baobab Beach is situated directly on the beach and just a kilometre from the colourful market in Vilanculos, Mozambique. The lodge looks out over the azure seas and shifting sands of the Bazaruto Archipelago. ... More »
    User Rating

    • From 126.00 p/p sharing
      From 379.00 Rooms/Units
      From 126.00 Single
  • Archipelago Resort-387525

    Archipelago Resort

    Accommodation > Self-catering
    ... More »
    User Rating

    • From 7650.86 p/p sharing
      From 7650.86 Single
  • Zombie Cucumber Guest House-1248610

    Zombie Cucumber Guest House

    Accommodation > Guest House
    Zombie Cucumber is ideally located in central Vilanculos and offers easy access to the Indian Ocean, only a two-minute walk away. The central market and the bus station are also close by. ... More »
    User Rating

    • From 1080.00 Rooms/Units
  • Casa Jules-1287571

    Casa Jules

    Accommodation > Hotel
    Casa Jules is a wonderful hotel with eight bedrooms along the beach in central Vilanculos. The hotel has shared facilities with Zombie Cucumber which is situated next door. Being built in a park, the hotel is surrounded by lush hibiscus and coconut trees. ... More »
    User Rating

    • From 980.00 Rooms/Units
  • Palmeiras Lodge-1802717

    Palmeiras Lodge

    Accommodation > Lodge
    ... More »
    Not Rated

    • From 720.00 p/p sharing
      From 900.00 Single
  • Casa Babi - Tucul-1877557

    Casa Babi - Tucul

    Accommodation > Self-catering
    Casa Babi – Tucul is a charming self-catering cottage situated in Vilanculos, only a stone’s throw from the beach. ... More »
    Not Rated

    • From 775.00 p/p sharing
      From 2290.00 Single
  • Casa Babi - Odyssea Dive-1037217

    Casa Babi - Odyssea Dive

    Accommodation > Guest House
    Located on one of the most beautiful beaches in Vilanculos and overlooking the bay of Bazaruto, Casa Babi is the latest addition to accommodation in Vilanculos. Designed by Odyssea Dive as a boutique hotel, our aim is to meet the needs of all travellers. ... More »
    User Rating

    • From 1330.00 p/p sharing
      From 1990.00 Single
  • Casa Torta-1515852

    Casa Torta

    Accommodation > Self-catering
    Nestled among tall palm trees, Casa Torta overlooks the beautiful islands of the Bazaruto Archipelago, Mozambique. ... More »
    User Rating

    • From 2000.00 Rooms/Units
  • Villa Santorini-1916814

    Villa Santorini

    Accommodation > Boutique Hotel
    ... More »
    Not Rated

    • From 6885.77 p/p sharing
      From 16831.89 Rooms/Units
      From 9640.08 Single
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